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Professional Resume Writing Service

Six Advantages Of Using A Professional Resume Writing Service

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Below are six advantages to using a professional resume writing service and some of the most significant benefits:


Professional Presentation: 

A professional resume writing service can craft a resume that will present yourself in the best possible light. We conduct a complete intake and then prepare a resume that is formatted for a quick review as well as a scan for keywords. We will identify your core skills, highlight your strengths, and showcase your quantified achievements to make you stand out to employers.


Customized to Your Goals: 

At Hillcrest Business Services (HBS), we will work with you to understand your career goals; professional experience, including challenges such as employment gaps; and multiple skill sets; tailored specifically to your needs and goals.


Keyword Optimization: 

Many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen resumes before they even reach a human being. At HBS, we understand how to optimize your resume with keywords and formatting that can help you get past these systems across all disciplines and spaces. As search parameters are specific to each opportunity, understanding ATS and keywords is critical to getting your resume past the initial screening.



Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional Resume Writing Service

Hillcrest Business Services | Call (619) 298-6904



Saves Time

Writing a resume can be a time-consuming and challenging process. At HBS, we can help you save time by taking on this task and ensuring that your resume is completed efficiently and accurately. With a small investment in your career, you can save weeks, if not months, in your career search with the proper tool. We have over 25 years of successfully creating that tool for thousands of clients. As our head writer says, “Let us brag about you!”


Career Expertise

HBS writers have expertise in a wide range of industries. We offer valuable insights into what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate, informed by over 25 years of experience. We will tailor your resume to meet industry- and job-specific requirements, language and skills.


Cover Letters: 

We also offer cover letter writing services. A well-written cover letter can help you stand out and make a strong impression on employers.


HBS can help you improve your chances of landing your dream job by presenting yourself in the best possible way, optimizing your resume for keyword searches, quantifying your achievements, and navigating career transitions through providing valuable career insights.



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