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Short and to the Point: Why You Should Use a One-Page Resume
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Finding it difficult to create a perfect resume? Does your resume currently span more than three pages?

It may seem like putting more information on your resume will make it more likely that an interviewer will see something they like and reach out to you. In reality, however, it doesn’t usually work that way. Surprisingly, a one-page resume tends to be more effective at impressing hiring managers and helping you get your foot in the door.

If you’re wondering whether you should create a one-page resume, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should use a one-page resume when applying for a job.

1. Your Positive Traits Will Be Easier to Identify

One of the reasons that you should keep your resume to a page or less is because it makes it much easier for a hiring manager to identify your top traits and determine whether you would be right for the position or not.

Longer resumes are typically filled with a lot of fluff and unnecessary information. By forcing yourself to keep your resume concise and straightforward, you’ll write a better resume. You’ll remove meaningless information and leave only the words that will make the biggest impact and truly relate to the position at hand.

2. Time and Attention is Limited

Hiring managers have a lot to do in a typical day, and by sending a long-winded resume, you won’t make things any easier for them. It takes a lot of effort for a hiring manager to read through a resume and to evaluate each candidate.

By keeping your resume short and concise, while also including all of the necessary information, you’ll make their jobs easier. They’ll also have an easier time identifying what makes you unique even if their attention span is short and their time is limited.

3. You’ll Set Yourself Apart

Another reason that you should consider creating a one-page resume is simply that it will help you differentiate yourself.

Many applicants don’t realize that sending a long resume can be frustrating for hiring managers. When a hiring manager finds your clear and concise resume in a stack of long-winded ones, it may just seem like a breath of fresh air to them.

4. It Creates a Clearer Focus

One of the benefits of using a short resume is that it can make you seem like you have a clearer career focus. If any of the positions on your resume don’t relate to the one you’re applying for, it may not paint a good picture for the hiring manager.

By narrowing down the information on your resume and sticking to the essentials, you may seem like a more focused individual who knows their own strengths and has a clearly-defined career path.

5. A Resume is Only the Beginning

While you’ll want to include all the necessary details about your work history and experience in your resume, you also shouldn’t overdo it. Remember that a resume is only meant to get your foot in the door, and you’ll likely have time to describe your experience in detail during the interview.

By keeping your resume under one page in length, you’ll still have plenty of things to talk about in the interview.

Making the Decision to Use a One-Page Resume

The truth is that sometimes less is more, so make sure you’re not overdoing it when it comes to your resume. A one-page resume might be all that you need to finally land your dream job.

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