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A New Job in 2019!

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Many people resolve to make their life better through weight loss, exercise, and spending more time with family.

This year make yourself the priority. Take time to evaluate if your career is on track.
Set goals for your next step up. Commit to developing new skills and maintaining a positive mental attitude.

With the marketplace as competitive as ever, learning new skills will allow you to continue to add value. Whether it is new software, a language or technical skill, ensure that it adds value to your company and to you as an employee. If you have been in your current position for a while, don’t become complacent. Recalibrate you daily routine, and strive to make your workplace better. Identify process improvements that will improve quality and efficiencies. Present findings to your supervisor, and explain your remedies for improvement.

Next identify professional and personal goals. Develop a strategy and plan for both. Have a colleague, family member or friend hold you accountable for incremental steps in goal attainment.

Take a deep breath, step out of your comfort zone, and make it happen.

The first step is an updated resume – now is the time. Contact San Diego Resume or call us for consultation.

Author: San Diego Resume