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7 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Stand Out
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Finding a new job can be stress-inducing for any job seeker. This is especially true in a pandemic when COVID-19 effects can be felt by employers and employees alike.

A resume is important when starting your job search and can make or break your employment outcome. 

Many resumes never make it past the automated software gateway, which has become a prevalent barrier to entry. To ensure yours makes it past this important point, make certain your resume adheres to the following seven resume writing tips. 

7 Resume Writing Tips

  1. Create your “brand” by keeping contact information and style consistent between your resume and cover letter, as well as any supplementary materials provided to your future employer. Make sure the font is professional as well. Consistency translates to professionalism and employers prefer polished and consistent candidates.
  2. Your LinkedIn should reflect your resume and vice versa. Again, consistency is key to ensuring your resume makes it past the gateway. Furthermore, try connecting with and interacting with posts on LinkedIn that are in the same industry or field you are targeting. 
  3. Include a professional resume summary that speaks directly to the job you are applying for. This should pull language directly from the job description so that you are signaling a match-up of priorities between you and your employer.
  4. Skills should be appropriate to the job. Check for keywords in the job posting and incorporate them into your skillset section. 
  5. Prioritize your resume. This is an important aspect of signaling to your employer that your priorities are aligned. If your employer lists excel capabilities high on the list of job requirements, for example, you should find a way to incorporate your excel skills toward the top of your resume.
  6. Use active language that is benefits-driven. Try to convey how you have made an impact at each position previously held. Keeping sentences short and direct can make them more impactful as well. 
  7. Pay attention to employer-provided instructions. No matter how great your resume is, if you miss the deadline or if you don’t include all application materials in the way your target employer has requested, you will surely not make it past the first round. 

A resume needs to be a clear and compelling snapshot of who you are as an applicant, what professional experience you have so far, and what you are looking to gain from employment in the future. It should also be clear about what you bring to the table, and how that differs from other candidates’ experience or skills. 

At the end of the day, a resume is a brand marketing document and should be treated as such. Prioritize quality over quantity, and speak directly to your employer’s needs to make the greatest impression. 

Landing Your Dream Job

There is nothing more important than a well-crafted resume to get your foot in the door at your dream job. The best candidates will do their research, and try to get to know the company they are applying to well ahead of the interview phase.

For more resume writing tips and best practices for making a good impression, contact our resume service professionals for assistance. 

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